Lots of song ideas. Zero songs.

I’m at ‘small bar’ in San Diego… I’ve blogged from here before. The girl who gives me free drinks seems to have quit. So i paid for this beer.

I’ve been stuck in this cycle of having great melodies it with no words to put to them… or having lyrics i like with no melodies to suit the mood.
It’s very frustrating.
I’ve said it before, I hate the idea of someone stumbling across my voice memos or notes on my phone if I die unexpectedly, it won’t be quite the gold mine that Jeff Buckleys studio tapes were.
So since I’m also lacking a new blog, here’s a Song idea I had…. In text form.


Grand Junction Colorado.

I was in grand junction colorado.
and Cruisers was apparently the place to go.
a red faced man was next to me, his name was Carl.
i know this Because he was flirting with sarah the bargirl.

When I have rings on my finger
I just wanna hit people.
Don’t you just wanna hit people?

I haven’t hit people since I got out. Replied his friend. I’d elbow this guy right here.

…. What else is there to do in grand junction? I extend. Trying to deflect my fear.

Are you hearing this fuckin guy.
Fuckin teen wolf over here.

…… Oh dear.

This reminds me of being hit by Mr. Prouse, only now I’m more aware.
He hit me out the back of Hayden’s house. – I used to care.
He said I boo’d him at graduation, and that it upset him because his grandma was there.

… It’s unfair,

because I didn’t. But it wasn’t about that. He just didn’t like me, I’m sure now he’d admit it.

I could laugh about little things and embrace the quirks of the world.
He would search for reasons to hit people because he couldn’t talk to girls.

The cops called me after my broken nose had healed. But I told them, to drop the case.
He’s not worth the effort. Despite my new crooked face.

He came into my work one day, and he called me a pussy for not looking in his direction.
It would have been wise after that for him to do a burger inspection.

How about Mr. Munchow? He used to taunt me at parties. Tell me to take it outside
But he’s not worth writing about.. Coz i imagine he’d grin with pride.

So you see, Mum. No need to be concerned about grand junction Colorado.
There’s jerks all over the world, just gotta know when to go.

And hey, if these boys are still to young to take this with a grain of salt.
I guess I’ll spend more years humorously avoiding assault.

Fin (ished)

In unrelated news, here’s a new episode of Songs I Wish I Wrote.
This is ‘Lead Balloon’ by Sarah Humphreys. I’m delighted to call her a friend.

Sarah and I are Launching our respective new releases on October the 26th at The Wesley Anne. (250 high st, Northcote) make sure you’re free.

Hiking the narrows and #tweeting in my head.

Tweets I would have posted if I had reception while hiking the narrows in Zion.

1. This is hilarious

2. My back hurts.

3. Adjusted straps, now my
Legs hurt instead.

4. The wet feet at the start was a tease

5. All this was created by water eroding it? And to think for years I
trusted water enough to put it in my mouth. #nomore

6. Had a river bath

7. Freeze dried meals. #delicious. #inbackwardsland

8. I can hear rob snoring over the river and my earplugs.

9. The stars look pretty #highlight

10. Spider right where my head is #lowlight

11. Woke up

12. Apparently we’re over half way and this should take us 5 hours.

13. But we arranged to meet our friend in 2 hours. Rob seems optimistic

14. I’m singing full length albums that I know to pass the time and forget the pain

15. Isaac keeps telling me we are getting close.

16. The more he says it the less I trust him

17. I’m literally going as fast as I can go now. And it’s very slow.

18. Wet.

19. It took 7 hours.

20. Trail mix for the win.





I’m gonna miss ya man.

I spent most of yesterday thinking it was Wednesday already here in the states.
My super organised calendar app was still sitting in Melbourne time.
Luckily i didn’t miss anything important.

I’m sitting at Lestats coffee house. It’s like my productive sanctuary. I get here every year and realise how much i neglect my online presence when i’m at home. I think i vow to change that each year and then I’m reminded of that vow when i get to Lestats again.

Or maybe it’s just time.
I can spend my time here pretending I don’t have a day job.
Man that feels nice. Meanwhile, my day job paid me today… that also feels nice. So if I can some how manage to convince my boss Luke to give me a year off paid, then i might really get some stuff done.
Just mentioning his name in this blog could get me another week off, he’s a pretty big fan of being acknowledged.

Lots of stuff is going on.
Heres the important stuff I need you to know about. Itemised so that you can scroll down to the ones that excite you most.


Read More…

I carry your heart with me. And #imgonnabeardyaman

Hey super friends.
It’s good to be back in San Diego.
The flight was a harrowing experience – middle seat between too fidgeters.


I spent the first day wishing I was in bed, but instead running around town, bought a bow tie for the wedding I’m attending (and playing at) tomorrow. And then a show at Sky Box that finished up at 1am.
Waking up this morning at 9:34 felt absolutely horrible, and I’m currently planning to nap again after I go and buy some sunglasses because California is blinding me.

I’m really excited about this new single. Not only do I love the song, and I’m getting heaps of great feedback for the song, but everyone seems pretty stoked when they get the disc with the artwork.
And this is happening.



The single isn’t even officially out yet, so I’m really hoping we can have a bunch of fun with beard posts in the future. With the instagram hash tag #imgonnabeardyaman

I spend about an hour on my flight from Melbourne making the following video.
It took me about 3 times longer to make the video than it did to make the song.
It’s a generic chord progression, with the assistance of GarageBand smart instruments and a poem I love by E E Cummings.
For a song completely made on the iPad in about 20 minutes I think it sounds pretty cool.
What do you think?

This is how easy it is nowadays. It’s offensive really since I just finished an expensive new record that required many rehearsals in order to get the tracks down live together and accurately. And this iPad can just play in time using ones and zeros.

My thanks to Isaac Cheong and Jessica Hull for making my first day fun and easy..

Until next time.
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Do you wanna look like me? who doesn’t?

I got my ‘I’m gonna miss ya man’ singles from the printers…

I can’t wait for you all to have them so you can send me pics and instagram shots of yourself looking like me. Won’t that be fun.


Definitely defining.


A Chaldean who has a very thick accent and wears many gold chains and heavy cologne. Usually always refers to everyone as bro. Also usually plays loud rap and hip-hop while driving with the windows down.
“I went to the Armani Exchange the other day and saw the biggest Broni ever”

… Pretty accurate.

Where wisdom gets its legs

I’m at the top of Australia listening to the record I just finished recording down near the bottom of Australia 2 weeks ago… Life is good!


Camp sites. Where civility and humanity shine. Until your toiletries are stolen.

Im in Darwin still. I left my iPad in my wide open tent all day yesterday.
And I’m still writing this blog on said iPad.
Sure last year my toiletries were stolen from the ledge above the shower while I showered, but I’m quick to forgive and form trust with strangers once again.
Which is probably silly.
But for the most part these camp sites are filled with retired couples 60 yr old men on boys trips it seems, and everyone is happy because the camp site is seemingly its own bubble. Maybe I’ll just set up permanently and play here every night and get famous. Campsite famous, which, in reality is probably less famous than I am now…

Anyway, it restores my faith in people.
I’ve been spotifying some Crosby Stills and Nash… A bit late I know… But my recent love affair with Graham Nash I figured I owe it to myself and to those who refer to me as their ‘musician friend’ to dig deeper.

Anymore suggestions?

Hope you’re all smiling!