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Every thought I’ve had since 10 years ago.

Written on Jan 17, 2019. Posted late due to malaise.

On this day in 2009 my debut solo album Every Thought I’ve Had Since I Was Ten was released in stores and online, nationwide through MGM. It was a dream come true. Streaming services weren’t a thing and distribution wasn’t all that easy to get. My own work, with my name on the front (incredible artwork by Josh Gleeson) sitting on the shelves of JB HI-FI etc. It felt incredible.


Guy in the back, where is he now? amiright?


I’d had a record released nationally before. My first band, Mightyboy, tasted some success while I was too young to really appreciate it. It was largely my brother’s endeavour, he was responsible for the band’s success, I was along for the amazing ride, and contributing to rehearsals, recording and shows. Beyond those things, I did very little of the nitty-gritty. I was still in school and I’m pretty sure my mum and dad told my brother not to let it ruin my education. Meanwhile, our manager kept telling me he might need to pull me out of school. That was, of course, any time he wasn’t criticising my hair or forcing me to wear my brother’s clothes instead of my own. The years I spent in that band taught me incredible things, also probably had me drinking and smoking in bars a little earlier than one probably should? By the time I was starting my own band outside of high school I was fortunate to already know so much about how the industry worked. Something not every high school grad is afforded.


L-R: Me with Blonde Hair, Spedsy, Ads, Greezy


Fun fact: my nickname at McDonalds was Tonka, solely because of this t-shirt 

Between 18 and 23 I was in Mightyboy a couple more years, and I was the lead singer of my own band The Doggy Paddle Scandal. Doggy Paddle was tonnes of fun, we played some great shows, and I’m super fond of the songs we wrote. But, ultimately, it would be a fruitless venture. During the life span of those bands, I was falling in love with Jason Mraz, Bushwalla, Steve Poltz and Gregory Page. They were all solo artists, something that was slightly unknown to me at the time, and I was becoming increasingly influenced by them. I would sit at home and I would write one song for The Doggy Paddle Scandal, and then one just for me. I would continue to do that until writing for Doggy Paddle became so much harder than writing for me, and getting shows organised for 4 guys was much harder than just organising myself. So the day came that I broke the news to the guys that I wanted to quit The Doggy Paddle Scandal. I still wanted those guys to play with me, but I wanted them to be the band for my solo material. They all agreed. Despite agreeing, we were all still pretty sad about the end of The Doggy Paddle Scandal. I cried.


L-R Spedsy (D-Roz), Broni, Gimpy, Easy

I released a couple of home-recorded pieces of trash (read: EP’s) and played a bunch of shows on my own or with Easy to find my legs, and become a slightly better singer, because, since I was no longer hidden behind a wall of noise, I had to improve. I met amazing people like Faye Blais, Nicholas Roy and Sivan and Todd in April Maze and felt like I was ready to book a studio and record an album. Look, I probably wasn’t. But chasing that feeling led me to a bunch of cool stuff.

Easy and I before a show. We used to have a tradition of “set-list beers”. Get together early and write our setlist over a beer or two. 

Easy and Me during a show. Fun Fact: I was recording this show. But I pressed pause instead of record as we started the show. I can’t remember why we put Morgan Freeman on a mannequin.

Every Thought I’ve had Since I was Ten was a friendship extravaganza that took shape in bits and pieces from 2006 – 2008 whenever I could afford the studio time. My good pal Davin Pidoto engineered and produced it (He would go on to engineer all my following records). Half the songs had Easy from Doggy Paddle on drums, the other half had Greez from Mightyboy. My brother played bass and sang on some tracks. Gimpy from Doggy Paddle sang on it. I filled a room with family and friends to group sing on a song called You Can Dance at Any Age. Which was my first solo song on Rage. My friend Mickey Cooper engineered that group session and he sang on We Can Dream. The Aquinas College A Capella group performed a four-part ensemble vocal line written by Sally McKenzie for the opening song of the album. Luke and Jono James played horns on Trying, Always Changing. My friend C-Bo came in toward the end to sing on a song I’d written when I was 15, it was the oldest song on the album and 15 year old me had fantasised about having a female vocal in the second verse… the session in which she put that down for me is one of my favourite memories. I sat for hours with Davin just chasing musical whimsies in many small windows of time over 18 months. And at the end of it all, me and the Doggy Paddle guys recorded an audio commentary for the album. I maintain that I was the first I ever knew of to do this. Who knows though. The whole process was a myriad of dreams coming true.

To cap it off, Gimpy and I had always had a dream that if we secured national distribution for an album of ours we would get a tattoo to celebrate it. Even though this was a ‘solo’ album, it was really everything but that and once it was released nationally, gimpy felt enough involvement with it that he agreed to get the tattoo with me. That meant the world to me. The birds on the tattoo are sitting on the notes corresponding to the initials of the guys in the band


L-R: Gimpy, Droz, Broni, Easy

A week after it’s release I sold out Manchester Lane for its launch. A dream I’d held since seeing Jason Mraz there in 2005.

L-R: Spedsy, Gimpy, Easy, Me, Suelyn. Backstage at Manchester Lane. To this day the most stocked green room I’ve ever played in. And! Green! 

Us again, but this time with C-Bo who was singing with us that night.

Looking back and listening to it now… there are a lot of things I don’t like about the album. Mostly my vocal performance. I became an infinitely better singer after it’s release. But that is really because the album opened a few doors for me and I played a tonne of shows. So the album holds in it a lot of things I am proud of and thankful for. I’m still proud of some of the songwriting. Though at the time an industry big wig suggested that too many of the tracks sound like two or three songs in one and that the vibe and the themes flip flop all over the place. Back then, I was like “that’s art, man”. Pretty soon after, while developing my second album, and definitely looking back now, I absolutely agree with him. But that’s young naive creatives for you; often shotguns, rarely lasers.

Three of the songs ranked in Triple J Unearthed at the same time. They reached numbers 2 5 and 8 in the overall charts and 1 2 and 5 in the pop (or folk? I can’t remember) charts (I have screenshots still blue-tacked to bedroom wall at mum and dads house)

One of its songs got me a meeting with Matt O’Connor, which led me to work for the A&R department, which led me to meet Sean Carey. Sean was a legend, and he and I bonded immediately over the love of the same records. Me for the artists, him for the producer. So naturally, he mixed my second album and years later he would produce my self titled EP and helped me make what I think is my best work. Sean introduced me to Don Bartley, who mastered my second and third releases. Don was a particularly special part of the story because Don is an absolute mythical man in the industry, google the records he has mastered. You’ll be amazed. One of his surprisingly lesser known records was Whispering Jack by John Farnham, which is a song I loved so much as a child that I took it in the bath with me and ruined it. I then wrote a song about that, and then Don mastered that song.  What a ride.

Image result for whispering jack

Some real bangers on this. 

The shows I played and people I met after releasing the album led me to book my first trip to San Diego where I played 27 shows in 23 days and met some of the best people in my life (also was threatened by a blind woman, but that’s another story). I got to meet all of those heroes listed above. After meeting Bushwalla, he and I wrote ‘You Are My Friend‘ together for my second album.

Me, Kate Lucetta, and Billy Galewood (Bushwalla)


To be honest, this is the album I always tell people to skip if they ask where to find my music online. Or at least listen to it last. It’s the only album I don’t have control over in terms of its distribution online, so I can’t just take it down like I can with all the others. I could probably make a call but I’m lazy… and why deny a part of my history I guess? I’m embarrassed by how I sound as a singer on it but, right now, I am celebrating it for all that it led to and the incredible experiences I’ve had in the last decade since it was released.

During the making of this album, I was young and dumb. It’s release and the entirety of 2009 that followed was one of the biggest periods of growth in my life. There are people that contributed to that growth and the album itself that I should have mentioned in this nostalgia, I’m sure of it. To those people left out of this. I’m sorry… but you’re likely in the liner notes of this album or the next one. Because I am very particular about liner notes. If you want to be reminded of how important you were to this period of time 10 years ago, check those out. I still have copies if you want one. Lol you got a CD player?

This weird collection of young idiot love songs gave me a lot of things and taught me a lot of lessons. The most important one being that bringing people together and making something is what I love most about making art of any form. (I say that as I sit alone writing this and hating it.) Up until the date of its release, this was the biggest whimsy’s I’d ever chased. It taught me to continue to do just that, chase big whimsy’s and live the dreams I’d been dreaming.

Thanks for your time.

The scales always find a way to level out.

The universe keeps coming through for me at the right time.

There have been times my friends have called me Even Steven – referring to this classic Seinfeld episode (they’re all classic, really)

It’s not really that accurate, but it’s still funny. I mean I’ve lost 18 basketball Grand Finals and never won one… That was been the cause of much heart ache that I’ve never truly recovered from.

I won’t bother chronicaling every devine moment I’ve experienced, and, that I’ve maybe read too much in to, but I will talk about this particular time.

Three nights ago I got up on stage at a story telling event run by The Moth

I followed my whimsies and signed up last minute (coincidentally, ‘Last Minute’ was their topic for the evening). I was arguably the least prepared as I’d approached the event without even the knowledge you could sign up to tell your own story. My friend Michael and I, I assume, were the only two in that position. He also told a super story. If you’d like to hear my story – I’ve attached it here, it’s an extremely abridged version of rather lengthy ordeal. –

The results were wonderful, I was in the lead for the entire event after the judges voted me 27.1 out of 30. I lost to a guy named James who spoke last and scored 27.7 while I was in the toilet getting rid of some hot wings I’d eaten earlier (sorry about that visual). So I don’t even know his story, but I was okay with losing, as the winner would have to re-tell their story on the 2nd of December and I was not going to be in America at that time.

The next day I flew from Chicago and the high of that evening to Austin and the vast expansive lands it offers.

I’d not realised their were no trains here. Nor did I realise that things were spaced out.

Luckily for me, my friends Kaci and Roy are so damn wonderful and seem pretty willing to just drop me off at things and pick me up from them when I’m ready. They are beautiful people. So I went to an Improv jam

Now, I haven’t written in my blog for a damn long time – and that’s probably a result of what I’m about to talk about. So my friends in the interwebs might not even be entirely aware that in the past 18 months I’ve been consumed by Improv. Consumed by it so completely that I worked my way up to teaching it in Melbourne… Which – wows me. I love it. Opening up people’s mind to life’s virtues through improv comedy is one of the greatest whimsies I ever chased. But I’d need to have been blogging consistently for the last 18 months to make it clear how I’ve started having to juggle improv and music in my life

At this time I’m splitting my time on my annual visit to the U.S. between improv and music.

Anyway, the jam, here it is – it was all over the shop, and for one of the first times in my life chasing my creative whimsies I felt like I shouldn’t get up on stage with them, I had no idea why. I started to question if I wanted it bad enough.

A couple of weeks ago I was with my friend Kenny before a show in San Diego, and we were discussing a couple of my tours before this one and he said ‘you were really hustling back then’ (one year I came to San Diego and played 27 times in 23 days.) – that quote from him has stuck with my for the last 3 weeks. Am I not hustling anymore?

I’ve questioned this each time I’ve sat alone at a bar in New York, Chicago, and now Austin. Where in the past I feel I may have tried to spark up conversations and meet new friends.

I used to push and push until people became friends and I found extra stage time… And do I just not want it anymore? Enough? Do I feel less worthy? I haven’t written a song I LOVE in a while…have I lost it?

Then I listed to Amy Poehlers audio book YES PLEASE, and in chapter 25, Amy starts talking about ambivalence being the key to success, and that you should chase your creativity but try to care less about your career.

Oh man – I mean, listen to it… Because I won’t explain its profound impact on me well enough. All I’ll say is, I believe the rate at which I was listening to this audiobook (letting other podcasts interrupt it as I wandered the streets of Chicago etc) was meant to be. I was SUPPOSED to listen to that chapter today, the day I was extra worrying that I don’t hustle enough anymore.

Thank you Amy, thank you Universe.

Trust the path you are on, everyone. Take it easy. Chase your whimsies and live your dreams

Love Broni

An attempt to get Australian Artists off the Twitter Fence. How Twitter has worked for me.

The following post was originally a guest post for CyberPR… enjoy it here in all its broni blogles glory.


Thanks to my heavily twitter based relationship with Ariel Hyatt (@cyberpr) I found myself (via a tweet) on the guest list for her talk in Melbourne for the 3 Wise Monkeys Tour (#3WM). This is certainly not the first time that twitter has proved it’s value to me and rewarded me for the time I put into being present, and being myself, on the platform. Ariel re-iterated and proved in the room something I guess I’d been aware of for a while. – Australian artists en masse seem allergic to twitter. So I’m putting my fingers to work today to try to convince those artists on the fence to give it a try. In the hopes that I might achieve some level of relevance with Australian artists I don’t intend to share statistics or hard data to sell you on using twitter. Instead, I’d like to share with you my top 4 personal twitter moments.

JJJ Play

For years, in bands, and then as a solo artist my band mates and I like many other Australian artists considered Triple J the Holy Grail. We spent money on PR and postage to have someone represent us in the offices of Triple J, have meetings with Kingsmill etc. As a solo artist specifically, this money and effort amounted to 2 whole spins on the radio that I’m aware of. I achieved the exact same result simply using Twitter, I tweeted @SarahHowells and @homeandhosed and put on some #twitter #charm. 2 Spins on the radio is still not huge – but this time it was for ZERO dollars and about 6 seconds of my life. If getting on triple J were still my daily goal, I’d be their best twitter #friend right now.

“A Packet of Tim Tams please”

I was invited to play a house show in Holland. (yes, via twitter) A week before I left the country, a follower from Holland asked me in 140 characters or less if I could bring her some Tim Tams to the house show. This was a great chance for me to build an even stronger connection with a fan and she brought me delicious Dutch treats in return

Help me out

After many well crafted but quickly ignored emails in which I did my best to sell the idea of working with me to management companies and agents with a much bigger industry reach than I. 
I finally got what I wanted with a single tweet about 18 months ago and established a casual and very rewarding working relationship with someone I respect (who had in fact ignored a few of the aforementioned emails) and we still work together today. 

Where in the world is Broni? San Diego!

Back in 2009 I had a dream to play in San Diego. 
I organised 20 gigs in 25 days via a series of tweets to San Diegan musicians I’d heard of from (you guessed it) twitter. In that first year, I didn’t talk to a single venue or big-shot booker. I started with the musicians. 

It went something like this

@bronibroni – “Hey @robdeez, I’m a musician from Australia… I’d love to play with you in September… any chance?”

@robdeez – “@bronibroni sure thing. I have a show at Lestats, you can open … ” etc.

That tweet got it all started. I’ve played in the US four times since, last year playing in 6 states on tour with @robdeez, @kennyeng and a few others. 
All 4 trips to the US predicated by a twitter conversation. These might not be YOUR idea of dreams coming true. But I hope my point is clear, Twitter is powerful. I have had many days made by a simple tweet from someone across the ocean that just perhaps likes my latest song and found it easy enough to shoot me a 3 second tweet to tell me. Twitter makes us casually approachable by a global audience.

To me, Facebook feels like I’m talking to an audience from the stage. People are there to listen to me, which is nice, but there isn’t a whole lot of back and forth going on.Twitter feels like I’m chatting to the audience at the bar after the show. They are sharing the whole night with me; they are even there when I get drunk. People go to Facebook to talk to their friends. They aren’t that into noise from me. People go to Twitter to discover. So I plan on being there for discovery multiple times a day. I’m not the most organized twitter user. I’m lazy with my lists and I tend to favourite more tweets than I should because I just like it when people want to talk to me. But what I do make sure of is that if people want to connect with me, by golly I’m going to get back to them with more than just a bland auto generated message from The key is to be you. Say anything. Have fun with hash tags I’m sure many people un-follow me because my jokes aren’t funny or they don’t care for my #moderndayrenditions. But that just makes the folks that stick around all the more special. Because they like me, for me. Not a version of me that is trying so hard to be likeable. So go on, and get tweeting. If you want to know more, why don’t you log into your seldom-used account and get the conversation started with me there. I hope I helped you on your Social Media journey.


A song a week challenge continues.

Catching up on the challenge.

The holiday season always gets the best of me. I always start off thinking I’m going to get heaps done while the world is standing still. But then I end up standing still, too.

The gang took a couple weeks off from the challenge because without a little order it was hard to sit down and write the weeks song. And we all would have owed a lot of beer had we tried to continue. Props to Kenny and Isaac, they still managed to get one in.

Then we kicked back into gear a couple of weeks go, but i forgot to blog about them and today another one is due.
So here they are.

Last weeks topic: Wishing you were somewhere else
My song: Charlie and Simone (we would live in LA)
Charlie and Simone were best friends in high school. Both of them, big time musical theatre nerds.
Charlie was the competent musician, Simone the seemingly seasoned veteran of acting.
They would help each other with their weaknesses, and would encourage each other to use their strengths. Simone would sign Charlie up for acting auditions and force him to go. Charlie would write show tunes for Simone and gather audiences for her.
They both drove each other, and dreamed of a day after graduation they would move to LA and sink their teeth into acting and music. Classically waiting tables and just scraping by. This was their dream, and with the drive they instilled in each other, this would soon become their reality.
One night after a party Charlie suggested Simone come home with him, rather than one of her less responsible friends.
Sadly, that night, Simone passed away in a car accident.
Charlie was lost. His extraverted and ambitious nature had flipped.
Without the pushing from Simone, Charlie felt no urge to follow through with their plan.
A couple of years later Charlie wrote this song for Simone.

Here it is – Charlie and Simone (we would live in LA)


This weeks topic: Rob Deez eloquently put it “not having enough time to do shit”
My song: Show someone some love

This is a bit of a re-work of a song I’ve had in the pipeline for about 18 months. I’ve just never really known where to take it. This weeks topic sort of allowed me to make an old half song new.
Life gets busy…

Here it is – Show someone some love

Hope you guys enjoy. Please feel free to leave feedback.
And enjoy the entries from the other guys

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Isaac Cheong on Soundcloud

Rob Deez on Soundcloud


A Song a Week Challenge with @robdeez and @kennyeng – Week 3 – Ambition/Wishing you were better at something

Whilst growing up, i was pretty decent at basketball, but pretty horrible at most other physical things.

Once, in grade 6, playing interschool football against St. Lukes, and wearing my long 90’s grunge locks (pretty cool for a 12 year old) tied back, I kicked the ball off the ground, which in this league, was against the rules.

As Glen Tucker from St. Lukes shouted and complained at the umpire/referee, i heard him say “calm down guys, let it go, it’s just a girl”

Yeah, that happened.

I’m still friends with a few ‘jocks’ – if you will. We often laugh and poke fun at our very obvious differences, i make fun of their bogan ‘change room’ blokey accents and they make fun of me for being just generally pretty weird. I like the juxtaposition in our friendship.
which is why, outside of the format of a 3 minute song, i could have written about 70 verses in this, because i observe sporty dudes every day.

However, i really got kick started on this song when i saw an instagram pic of 2 guys dressed exactly the same, tight shorts, way above the knee, tight singlets letting their pectorals pop, and shiny crucifixes around their neck. It made me laugh… that they seemed blistfully unaware of how exactly alike they look was amusing to me. But damn, they rocked those shorts pretty well.

So this song is a little tongue in cheek. It’s very silly, and it will probably never venture outside my soundcloud. But nevertheless, it’s my entry this week to the Song a Week Challenge.

Here it is:- 

Check out the other guys entries.

Thoughts mandatory. Pad optional.

Having Song ideas in bed, to me, is not as romantic as one might think.

I don’t handle it like you’d expect. I’ve heard of people jumping out of bed to record it. Or scribbling on their notepad that they’ve left pedantically beside them.

All that happens to me, however, is I sit there wide awake trying to convince myself that I can remember it tomorrow. While simultaneously attempt a gentle descent into slumber.

The result? I’m playing and singing the song in my head perpetually so that it might remain on the tip of my tongue waiting for me to wake up. And I take forever to fall asleep.

Then when I wake up one of two things happens. I can’t remember it. Or I remember it, and it’s so terrible that I make myself feel better by summarizing that I must be remembering or wrong.

I forgot last nights song.

And I’m super tired today.

I could have gotten up, penned it and slept soundly. But I lack that level of resolve

I love music.

But I love sleep too.


Pseudo Starts and Psaturday shows.

I had the exact change for my coffee today – in my pocket.

She said $4.85 and I said ‘ill see if I have 85 cents. Out of my
pocket I pulled every coin I had… $4.85.

What a great pseudo start to the day. It completely outshone the ultra
sound I had just had on my kidneys and bladder.

I drove back to work. With jelly on my belly and coffee in my hand.
She also didn’t charge me for the shot of mint I had in the double
mocha. Why? Because I’ve been asking them to get mint back for about 3
months and they finally did. My barrista was elated to inform me.
I too was ecstatic.

As opposed to my friend Pat who is an ex static. (that is an in joke for any of
my friends who know the band ‘the statics’ sorry)

Why did I put mint in?
In San Diego at one of my favourite places in the world – a cafe
called Lestats. They serve a drink called a ‘mintsicle’  which
features, you guessed it… Mint.
I can’t seem to find anywhere that consistently stocks mint syrup here
and I’m on a perpetual flavour hunt that might afford my taste buds a
momentary trip to Southern California.

Speaking of which. I am invited to 2 weddings in San Diego. Great
excuse to go back. Unfortunately I’ll miss the first one because they
were inconsiderate and didn’t put it close to the second one. (just
kidding, if you’re reading, I’m sorry I’ll miss out)

So my friend Rob Deez and I are going to organize a tour for September.
If you have a venue/living room you’d like us to play in, please get
in touch through

One more thing – TOMORROW AFTERNOON i’ll be doing the unofficial launch of my latest single ‘you are my friends’ which is starting to stir around town.

I say unofficial because it’s not official. as in – I’m not having a launch… so in it’s place i’m playing at what might as well be my living room at this point the Wesley Anne.

check it out…

Bonnie Piesse and Broni

Saturday 3rd March

4pm. $5 

Wesley Anne

250 High st Northcote.

Did you know Bonnie was Beru Lars in Star Wars episode 2 and 3?… So you could just come because that’s cool.

plus i’ll have a very limited amount of my new singles with me… with an exclusive b-side.

plus i’ll have a guest singer with me to sing you a super fun song of ours.

plus… it’s cheap and we will laugh together.

Heaps of other really cool stuff happening at the moment. Some of it
is quite substantially blowing my mind. But I’m keeping it close to my
chest to surprise you all.

Please if you’re bored, go and rate/review the single at it will really mean a lot to me.

Love you lots!
Keep yer heart young.

Love Broni.

Amusing Memes

Thought I’d make my own one. I thought the first one i saw was clever… now it’s just getting silly.

Whiskey. wesley anne. Wine valentine?


Tonight my Valentine is an ambiguously gendered music lounge named the wesley anne.
I love love. But I’m loving my lovers as often as I can. So valentines these days feel pretty similar to when Dave grohl comes to town and he populates my Facebook for a weekend.
Same shit, different title. Just something for people to do and talk about.

That’s what I think anyway (victor and Hugo!! What a show. Does anyone have a link to that cartoon? I loved it)

I ate curry for lunch and dinner, different curries.

I missed the grammys but I followed on twitter. And from all reports that was the most entertaining way to consume it.
Speaking of Dave grohl his speech was succinct and great.

Here it is-


Many in the twitter-verse were asking who Paul McCartney is.
Wow. It’s weird. But I get it.
Maybe he’s irrelevant. He’s a legend. And he’s not irrelevant to me, but ya know maybe the Beatles are no longer being passed down as 4 individuals but more like this fantasy fun music machine from a time before ours.

I wish I lived then.
No I don’t. If I did, this whiskey wouldn’t be this old.

Upon further reading, its looking more likely that only a few asked that and then hundreds of thousands expressed outrage at the idea that a few didn’t know him, so that kinda renders my last paragraph pretty mute.

Speaking of Paul though, I’m getting into Vinyls lately. And I’m loving collecting albums that have punched my in the heart in the past.

I’m rambling tonight, sorry!

Happy valentines day my lovers!

Hope you’re all smiling and no one is getting dumped. If Valentines makes you sad I can compile a great playlist to make you wallow in that and vent it out. You just let me know 😉

Thanks for stickin by me, valentine.


Change your idea of Making it. And Juice.

The future –

Subscription streaming services and services like iTunes match are not something to be afraid of. Read that article, It spells it out. Girl plays a song she’s always played for free, yet this time it’s going through iTunes match which she paid 25 dollars for. Copyright holder gets paid.

Paul McCartney recently pulled his music from all streaming services. He’s rich enough not to care I guess, but it’s a good example of why major record labels are dying, they are scared of change, scared of handing control back to the artist.

I can not wait until Spotify reaches Australia. I know we can access but Spotify looks like the trend setter to me at this point still. We’ll see i may be wrong. I’m not sure i’m the type of person who would use Spotify a whole lot, but it’s benefits are obvious to those who can look outside their bubble and the way they operate/consume music.

I’m still very romantic about CD’s and recently Vinyls, and I have every version of my favourite records etc. But the majority don’t care for that stuff. They hear about something. They want it now, and they used to go to a p2p site to get it “illegally”. I’d look at peoples iPods and they’d have Jason Mraz’s ‘I’m yours’ (and often not the studio version they heard on radio which is one of the reasons why streaming services trump p2p) and it always baffled me that they only had that one song. Because so much of his work is better. But it’s become clearer to me. A lot of people are content with single songs. The industry is moving back to the song.

A song has to be good. You can’t hide behind a glitz and glamour campaign anymore. You have to have real substance. It doesn’t matter if your album is mediocre. If your single is hot, you’ve done your job, you’ll be streamed from spotify countless times (the term countless being incorrect because spotify would certainly be counting) And if the rest of your material is real, your faithful acolytes will remain and spread you around.

There’s a reason Lady Gaga’s album sold for 16.99 on iTunes more times than it sold for 99c on Amazon during a sale week. Because the majority want convenience. They want it now, and in that example, iTunes was the best way to get it right away, directly onto their device.

I live in Australia, yet i see on American facebook timelines “John smith is listening to Broni – You are my friend on Spotify”

That is an amazing thing! – I win. My music is being listened to.

I notice some people in my city that I’ve played with over the last 12 months seem a little unaware of where things are going.

One pretty talented woman i saw playing, she had decent songs. Nothing was blowing my mind but certainly she had something going on. Until she lost me with “my Cd’s are $22″

Afterwards I politely said “may i ask why your CD’s are so pricey” she said “they cost me a lot of money to produce, and I work really hard. Besides that’s roughly what they cost in stores”

I wasn’t going to argue with her. I just watched as no one bought it.

No one cares that it cost you or I a lot. No one cares how hard you or I work. They don’t owe you anything for the calories and dollars you spent on your own whimsy’s. Oh and also, you know how many middle men there are between Dave Grohl and the record store? that might explain to you why it’s $20. I’m buying it directly from you! It should be cheaper than that.

What did you get into this for? To have people hear what you have to say? to express yourself? to get laid? or to make $10 or $20 bucks from your CD at a show?

My album is free. And I’ve nearly sold out of it. That’s right I said SOLD out. because the amount of people who actually take it for free is minuscule. And I’ve never sold out of any of the CD’s i produce. So I’m pretty certain either i’m just a lot better now, or my model is working. I’m not storing boxes and boxes of this album in my house anymore. They’re gone.

People can go stream Dave Grohl for what feels like free now. They pay a subscription and the world of music is theres. So if you really want $20… you need to be so damn good that I don’t wanna walk away from the venue without something to remind me.

I hope that this doesn’t sound pessimistic. It’s very much so the opposite. I’m having more fun than ever with my music these days. Things are working out. It’s a slow climb. But i’m listened to all over the world. Dream come true right? I understand things better now. So my shows aren’t packed. I don’t care, i’m gonna play like they are.

Change your idea of “making it”. In high school “making it” meant being Blink 182. (for me at least)

Now? Making it is having people listen and tell me they love it.

A guy on twitter told me I was among his favourite artist ever… The best part was, I had to google translate his tweets to realize that’s what he’d said. I made it.


Oh and I stopped juicing last night. Had a delicious lentil curry.

Back on the juice next week. I’m going to do a solid 2 or 3 days a week of juice from now on. I think that will be super.

Whats your favourite movie?